Iraq a worse blunder than Vietnam

Those were the words of Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nevada as told to Wolf Blitzer of CNN Late Edition. Asked whether he considers it a worse blunder than Vietnam, Reid responded, “Yes.” The interview was recorded Saturday and the story is available on CNN   
New Mexico’s Democratic Governor Bill Richardson
Also commented that he too believes it is the worst blunder. He said the focus should be on getting our troops out of Iraq.
Democratic leaders have said that they will make sure the troops currently in Iraq get the equipment they need.
That brings up a question right off, would that include the troops that the president wants to send to Iraq as part of his new strategy which supposedly is for the security of Baghdad? 21,500 troops? That’s a lot of troops but then again Baghdad is about the size of Chicago. The next question is would that be it? Or is this part of a much larger build up. What of the news from Reuters regarding the tens of thousands of demonstrators in Vicenza, Italy protesting against the expansion of a U.S. military base there?

All of this has been taking place over the weekend and I am certain there is a lot more that we have not heard of. The trick is to look at the big picture. Troop build-ups here, base expansions there, airfields somewhere else and naval crafts elsewhere. I ask myself, “ are we pulling out or as many seem to be speculating preparing for Iran?”

Isn’t it bad enough that the Senate’s top Democratic has already declared Iraq to be a bigger blunder than Vietnam?



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