Protests continue, this time in Australia

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Common Dreams .Org News Center

Published on Thursday, February 22, 2007 by Reuters
Iraq War Protests Greet Cheney’s Australia Trip

by Paul Tait

Anti-Iraq war protesters briefly scuffled with police in Sydney on Thursday before the arrival of Vice President Dick Cheney, underlining divisions within one of Washington’s firmest allies over the unpopular war.
A police spokeswoman said seven people were arrested when police barred up to 200 Stop the War Coalition protesters from marching through Australia’s largest city, demanding Prime Minister John Howard pull troops out of Iraq.

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The Link Concordia University Independent Newspaper

Threatening Tehran
Let Iran be a lesson to American hubris
By Comment by Barnabe Geisweiller

The Bush administration’s wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have opened the region to Iran by eliminating two of its staunchest opponents—the Taliban and Saddam Hussein. Iran now holds considerable sway in Iraq, Lebanon, and the Occupied Territories. Opening the region to Iran while simultaneously trying to constrain and contain it seems counterproductive, to say the least, and America’s old Sunni allies—Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia—now have to compete against a rising Shia power.

America’s unwillingness to regard Iran as a legitimate actor in the region, to deal with it diplomatically, and its tendency to dismiss it as a rogue state have all but deterred Iran from acquiring the nuclear bomb.
If the United States does not learn the Iran lesson, and if it does not begin to explore more diplomatic avenues of dealing with foes, nuclear weapons will be regarded as the only guarantee against American hubris

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