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I believe that the introduction of Prince Harry, third in line to the British throne, into the Iraq war is a huge mistake and could lead
to an escalation of ground troops should anything happen to him while serving there. The Royals have the power to keep him out why are they not doing something about it? Prince Harry is due on the front lines by the end of February. Why would any parent with the power to prevent this permit it?

What exactly do the UK and US have in mind?


UK-US in talks on missile defense

The UK and US have held high level talks on the possibility of putting a “Son of Star Wars” anti-ballistic missile defense system on British soil.
Here is the link for this story:

AlterNet The Mix is the message

February 23,2007

A rather scary scenario of what could be!
A Must read article and book

It Can Happen Here
By Joe Conason, Thomas Dunne Books. Posted February 23, 2007.

The following is excerpted from Joe Conason’s new book, “It Can Happen Here” (Thomas Dunne Books, 2007).

Today we live in a state of tension between the enjoyment of traditional freedoms, including the protections afforded to speech and person by the Bill of Rights, and the disturbing realization that those freedoms have been undermined and may be abrogated at any moment.
Such foreboding, which would have been dismissed as paranoia not so long ago, has been intensified by the unfolding crisis of political legitimacy in the capital. George W. Bush has repeatedly asserted and exercised authority that he does not possess under the Constitution he swore to uphold. He has announced that he intends to continue exercising power according to his claim of a mandate that erases the separation and balancing of power among the branches of government, frees him from any real obligation to obey laws passed by Congress, and permits him to ignore any provisions of the Bill of Rights that may prove inconvenient.

For those who continue to look for research on oil connections behind this and other wars check out the link below to Third World Traveler and the article listed below. The paper might be dated but it covers a history that all should read.

The DIOSA.NET domain provides free listings for Internet sites which deliver world news and analysis of the economy, government, and politics, as well as resources for political organizing and print/Web publishing.

How our covert wars have created enemies
across the Middle East and brought terror to America.
by Mark Zepezauer
Common Courage Press, 2003, paper


The reason the U.S. toppled the Mossadegh regime boils down to one word, the same word that governs most of our policy in the region: oil. When Mossadegh became prime minister, Iran had one-quarter of the world’s proven oil reserves. And yet his country received more income from the sale of its carpets abroad than from its petroleum. The British Empire held a controlling interest in the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company (AIOC), and they were not shy about exerting that control.


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One Response to “It Can Happen Here”

  1. David Says:

    George W. Bush has repeatedly asserted and exercised authority that he does not possess under the Constitution he swore to uphold.

    And the cowards in Congress continue to let him. This all goes to show that politicians really don’t care about the principles they preach. All they care about is power. The American Revolutionaries revolted over much less than the unconstitutional legislation that Congress passes in a typical bill. Too bad we can’t just get rid of them all and start from scratch.

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