No Iraq withdrawal

Well here it is straight from the horses mouth. It would seem the Bush administration has no intention of pulling out of Iraq or at least those are
the indications voiced by Vice President Cheney in Australia today.

The Australian Keeping the Nation Informed
No Iraq withdrawal: Cheney
February 23, 2007

US Vice-President Dick Cheney today warned that
the US and Australia “simply cannot indulge ” thoughts
of withdrawing from Iraq before the job is done.

“The notion that free countries can turn our backs on what happens in places like Afghanistan, Iraq, or any other possible safe haven for terrorists is an option we simply cannot indulge,” Mr Cheney said in a speech in Sydney.
“The evil that appeared on 9/11 has returned many times since and we have learned that terrorist attacks – whether in New York, or London, or Madrid, or Casablanca, or Jakarta, or Bali – are not merely criminal acts by tiny bands of men.”

He said the terrorists had adopted the pretence of an aggrieved party, claiming to speak for the powerless against the modern imperialist.
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