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New tensions over Iran’s nuclear plans
By Paul Reynolds
World affairs correspondent, BBC News website

The council had given Iran 60 days from the passage of resolution 1737 on 23 December to
suspend all enrichment activities and also work on heavy water projects. The latter could
give Iran a supply of plutonium, an alternative source to enriched uranium for a nuclear explosion.

Iraq linkage
A new element emerging over the last couple of weeks is the linkage the US is making between Iran and events inside Iraq. It has publicized its contention that Iran is behind sophisticated technology that is being used by some Shia groups against US and British forces in Iraq.
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US ‘Iran attack plans’ revealed

US contingency plans for air strikes on Iran extend beyond nuclear sites and include most of the country’s military infrastructure, the BBC has learned.
It is understood that any such attack – if ordered – would target Iranian air bases, naval bases, missile facilities and command-and-control centres.
The US insists it is not planning to attack, and is trying to persuade Tehran to stop uranium enrichment. Click here for complete article:
Note: See video in upper right hand on this page.

US wants tougher Iran sanctions

Washington has said it will now push for tougher sanctions against Iran over its continuing nuclear activities.
The United Nations Security Council gave Tehran 60 days to suspend its uranium enrichment programme.
But the deadline has expired and a UN report is soon expected to confirm that Iran is pressing ahead with developing its own nuclear fuel cycle.

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West mulls Iran sanctions
Sun Feb 25, 2007 9:10pm ET

By Sophie Walker
LONDON (Reuters) – Western powers meet in London on Monday to discuss tightening U.N. sanctions on Iran amid a flurry of tough and sometimes colorful talk between Washington and Tehran over the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program.
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad declared Iran had “no brake and no reverse gear”, prompting U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to say Tehran needed a “stop button” for a programme the West fears is geared to producing nuclear arms.
Vice President Dick Cheney said all options were on the table following Iran’s refusal to heed a U.N. deadline for halting uranium enrichment. An Iranian deputy foreign minister responded by saying Iran was prepared even for war.
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