Iraq Replaces Vietnam as Metaphor for Tragedy


We were soldiers!

Comment: To all veterans but particularly latinos and other ethnics, examine and contemplate the artwork shown above. There is much food for thought there!


Now here is todays link:

By Andrew Lam, New America Media. Posted February 27, 2007.

Many comparisons have been made about the Iraq and Vietnam wars. But what Iraq may have finally done is not so much remind us of Vietnam as ultimately usurp it from our national psyche.
For almost three decades after U.S. helicopters flew over a smoke-filled Saigon, Vietnam served as a vault of tragic metaphors for every American to use. In movies, in literature, someone who went to ‘Nam was someone who came back a wreck, a traumatized soul who has seen or committed too many horrors to ever return to normal life. In politics, Vietnam was a hard-learned lesson that continued to influence U.S. foreign policies. It was an unhealed wound, the cause of post-traumatic stress, the stuff bad dreams were made of, hell in a small place.
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