Get Ready for the next War

Today there are no links,  just my words which will probably not be heeded.

At the rate things are going I suspect that time is running out for those who wish to avoid yet another war. The signs are all around us. You have only to surf the net to the various news sources ( except of course CNN and Fox ) that are available and the various links that I have provided. As it used to be said the writing is on the wall. In spite of the fact that the Democrats hold the purse strings the current Bush Administration is going to have their war in Iran. Just like they used the fear of weapons of mass destruction, and invented intelligence to support it as their excuse to go into Iraq, they will most certainly either find or invent some excuse to bomb the crap out of Iran. One has to bear in mind that wars are nothing more than merchant ventures and merchants love wars. That is where they fill their coffers to the brim.

The sad part is that it is preventable, thousands more of our young will die or suffer terrible injuries most of whom will probably be from inner cities. Most will be poor ethnics trying to get a better life with the promise of a college education ( afterwards of course ) and what may be their one chance to escape their predicament of poverty. That is where the real shame is at because they will die to satisfy the appetites of the merchants. They will be maimed so some merchant can buy a house in the exclusive Palm Beach area or the latest yacht with a satellite dish and latest global positioning gadgets.

It is the responsibility of the parents to try and prevent these impressionable young people from putting themselves in harms way by enlisting in whatever branch of the armed forces they are thinking of.

It is the responsibility of the teachers, who know better, to guide their students towards more life extending ventures.
It is the responsibility of all those veterans who have seen and witnessed the horrors of previous wars to point these horrors out and let them know what they will face.

Here we are, March 5, 2007 and every bone in my body tells me that we will soon enter another war, this time with Iran. I can probably go on and list all the reasons we should not get involved and I am certain that the Hawks will have just as lengthy a list as to why we should.

Right now people are so caught up in their personal lives that many don’t even take a moment to think this out, or don’t want to think of it. Their lives are so caught up in paying bills, making money, trying to get their 15 minutes that war is something you read about or see in a movie. Obviously because of the sanitized view the news gives they have not seen or experienced the true horrors of war. They have not smelled the bitter sweet odor of a human body that has just been torn apart by explosives or machine gun fire, or the rotting pungent order of a decaying corpse. They have not seen the bodies of women and children in unnatural poses of death. They have not seen people fighting among themselves, not to gain ground or military advantage but simply to get a handful of food and garbage at that. They have not experience the heat of a bullet passing by their head or the heat from the blast of a bomb. They have not experience the feeling of a tarnished soul that no college money will ever erase. These are but a few of the things that they have not experienced, and there are hundreds more.

Thanks to the embedded  reporters and the censored media they never will until the day war comes calling at their door then it will be too late.

I guess that for most people being able to drive their SUV is more important than keeping a young person from war and death. Cheap oil is more important than warm blood flowing unto the ground. Summers at the Hampton’s are more important than the shattered lives of simple peasants whose homes have been blasted apart.

Well, I have nothing else to say except to watch the censored news when they announce the start of the next war!


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