Pentagon Closes Door on Terror Hearings


By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Published: March 7, 2007
Filed at 12:29 a.m. ET

WASHINGTON (AP)Reporters will be barred from hearings that begin Friday in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, for the 14 suspected terrorists who were transferred last year from secret CIA prisons, officials said Tuesday.

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Beth Quinn Column: It’s time to create a little shock and awe in the streets
By Beth Quinn

Times Herald-Record
March 05, 2007
In case you haven’t heard the news from the rest of Earth, Bush has caused half the world to hate us and he’s put us into debt to the other half. Even Tony Blair has figured out there’s no percentage in throwing more British bodies into the Iraqi civil war. Lithuania, for cryin’ out loud — the vanguard of Bush’s “coalition of the willing” with its army of 53 soldiers — they’re pulling out, too




Only Impeachment Can Prevent More War
by Paul Craig Roberts


Everyone knows that Bush’s Iraq “surge” will not work. Even the authors of the plan, neoconservatives Frederick Kagan and Jack Keane, have emphasized that the plan cannot work with any less than an addition of 50,000 US troops committed to another three years of combat. Bush is only adding 40% of that number of troops, and Defense Secretary Gates speaks of the operation being over by summer’s end.


Nations Discuss Possible Iran Sanctions
Key Countries Discuss Possible New Iran Sanctions Including Arms Embargo, Travel Ban

UNITED NATIONS, Mar. 7, 2007
AP) The world’s major powers are discussing possible new sanctions against Iran, including a travel ban, an arms embargo and trade restrictions, but council diplomats say differences remain.
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