More Naval Vessels on the Move

March 3, 2007

U.S aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan makes second port call to Hong Kong. 

The USS Ronald Reagan, the U.S. Navy’s newest nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, arrived in Hong Kong Wednesday morning for a scheduled port visit, the second of its kind since June last year.
“It is a privilege for us to make our second port call to Hong Kong, an international city rich in history, culture and tradition, ” said Rear Admiral Charles W. Martoglio, commander of the Ronald Reagan Carrier Strike Group.
“Hong Kong is also a favorite port visit for our sailors,” he said.
Captain Terry B. Kraft, the ships commanding officer, echoed his view, saying that the crew was excited to return to Hong Kong, especially after last year’s successful visit during the ship’s maiden deployment. “This will be a welcome break from our very…
The warships that arrived in Hong Kong with USS Ronald Reagan included the guided-missile cruiser USS Lake Champlain, the guided- missile destroyers USS Russell and USS Paul Hamilton as well as USS Greenville submarine.
Click here for article:  People’s Daily Online


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