New Whistleblowers Back Sibel

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New Whistleblowers Back Sibel
An Interview With Sibel Edmonds and James Bamford
by Scott Horton
Interview recorded March 7, 2007

What is the State Secrets Privilege? And what is its legitimate purpose if it has one at all? I have on the line Sibel Edmonds, contract translator-turned-whistleblower who worked for the FBI. Her websites are and – that’s the National Security Whistleblowers Coalition – and also James Bamford who was a producer for ABC World News Tonight with Peter Jennings, is the author of The Puzzle Palace, Body of Secrets, and a Pretext For War, as well as many great investigative reports in Rolling Stone and other magazines. I’d like to welcome you both to the show.

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“…we fear that the designation of information as classified in some cases [brought forth by Sibel Edmonds] serves to protect the executive branch against embarrassing revelations and full accountability… Releasing declassified versions of these reports, or at least portions or summaries, would serve the public’s interest, increase transparency, promote effectiveness and efficiency at the FBI, and facilitate Congressional oversight.”   U.S. Senators Patrick Leahy (D-VT) and Charles Grassley (R-IA) in a Letter to Attorney General John Ashcroft


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