The Big Picture

These are but a few thoughts and questions that I have had since reading up on this whole Justice Department issue. hunterseeker

I am politically naïve but in this whole Justice Department issue it would seem to me that the BIG PICTURE is not in focus. Why would the Bush administration want a re-structuring of the Justice Department, obviously with their own people in the new positions? Could it be that they are anticipating some legal action against them in the not to distant future?
Fired San Diego U.S. attorney Carol Lam notified the Justice Department that she intended to execute search warrants on a high-ranking CIA official
as part of a corruption probe the day before a Justice Department official sent an e-mail that said Lam needed to be fired,” Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) said on Sunday. Feinstein “said the timing of the e-mail suggested that Lam’s dismissal may have been connected to the corruption probe.

( Question: Who was the High Ranking CIA Official that was to be served with a search warrant and what was this search warrant for?) ( Question: Who sent the email? To whom was the email sent?) ( Question: Was San Diego U.S. attorney Carol Lam on the verge of exposing something the CIA wanted to keep covered up? What about the other Justices, why were they fired, specifically? Were they investigating the corruption probe too?) It would seem to me that the focus of our attention has been steered away from these questions which were the cause of the firing of the Justices in the first place and should be re-directed back to the CIA probe. What corruption angle were the Justices about to investigate when U.S. attorney Carol Lam was about to execute this warrant? If the Democrats are correct in their contention that the White House wants Republicans in the Justice positions then the next question, in my mind would be to what end? Is the White House anticipating some future investigation that they would need Republican Justices in position? Does the CIA corruption probe lead back to the White House as well? Right now this is just speculation but it does raise questions.
Like I said, I am politically naïve, but if you ask me the whole thing seems to indicate to me that the justices were getting too close for comfort and had to be stopped. Does this remind anybody of something, the “ Pelican Brief ” maybe? Right now there seems to be a lot of smoke in the air, finger pointing, blame passing, a general mucking-up of the whole thing and resignations ( which incidentally will bring in Republicans for those posts ).

I think that some investigative reporters should start packing their bags for a long journey because my instincts tell me there is something much, much bigger here! There are far too many links to put here so the reader will have to start on the ones given above and follow those to other links. As the links increase so do the questions!



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