The Burning Questions Still remain and the Justice Department is now threatening the 8 U.S. Attorney’s.

The more I dig the more I find. Thanks to the article by Jason Leopold

DOJ Threatened Retaliation Against Fired Attorneys

At the Edgeing blog I am starting to get answers to a number of questions I had written in my post The Big Picture. The infamous “email” that got the 8 attorneys their pink slips was written by H.E. “Bud” Cummins on February 20 and sent to US Attorneys Dan Bogden, John McKay, Carol Lam, David Iglesias and Paul Charlton ( note: you will notice only 5 are mentioned).

As for what was in the email you will have to go to Edgeings site and go through Jason Leopolds article.

From what I have been able to gather from the article there is some flimsy excuse about giving other U.S. attorneys an opportunity to serve. To tell you the truth this smells to High Heaven! Leopold does a great job in clearing up the intricacies of this tangled web. But yet I still have the burning question regarding the CIA corruption probe. Was this a media error?
Was the affair simply swept under the rug after the smoke screen of the firings hit the media? It is interesting to note that the Department of Justice plans to retaliate against the 8 U.S. attorneys if push comes to shove. I can only speculate as to what the 8 have to say especially Carol Lam! Also will their replacements be republican “yes men” to the Whitehouse? Are Bush and Cheney expecting some legal action in the future that they need “Their”
U.S. attorneys on the bench? The web becomes more tangled as more information keeps coming out.

And the Walls Came Tumbling Down.



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