You Must Go To Truthout.Org

During my usual nightly hunt across the World Wide Web I came across a highly authoritative site that answers a number of questions regarding the evidence in the Lewis “ Scooter “ Libby case  which appears to implicate President Bush in the Plame CIA leak. This site shows government copies of evidence that was brought to light during the trial. Jason Leopold and Marc Ash have done a magnificent job in presenting the details and the ins and outs of  a case that still presents one with many unknowns.
It all reminds me of that famous quote by Winston Churchill, “Oh, what a  tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive!
There are still many unanswered questions regarding what the U.S. attorney was after  regarding the search warrant for the high ranking CIA official that U.S. attorney Carol Lam was about to execute, that I assume was never executed.
This is a MUST SEE site and one well worth following and possibly even joining. Be sure to check it out!


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One Response to “You Must Go To Truthout.Org”

  1. chaim levy Says:

    I am glad you mentioned this and the story by Jason Leopold. He has done incredible work on this scandal and has been put down, ridiculed and torn apart by the self-righteous elitists on Daily Kos because of his Rove story.

    But Leopold didn’t give up. He stuck with the story and produced this gem that you cite. HE wrote it with Marc Ash who is the executive director of truthout. It’s a story that should have been everywhere, but people were too busy trying to kill the messenger to notice.

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