‘I Really Don’t Know Where to Start…’

During my regular early mornings hunts across the internet I came across a most moving section on Newsweek National News titled Voices of the Fallen. It is a section where they publish letters from those soldiers that have died in combat and had left a letter for their loved ones to be opened should they die in combat. There are several such letters there in PDF format. I read through one and found it to be so sad especially since it would seem that the soldier had a sort of premonition. I had thought of showing the opening paragraph here but then thought it to be a sort of invasion of privacy so I have simply provided the link so you can go to Newsweek and see for yourselves. I thought that instead of the usual mindless political stuff I would post something more sobering and reflective. Click here for the article: Newsweek National News

Army Pfc. Jesse A. Givens, Springfield, Mo., 34
He died of drowning on May 1, 2003 in Habbaniyah
after his tank fell into the Euphrates River
when the riverbank gave way.

May you rest in peace.




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