Gulf of Tonkin-style pretext, the 15 British Sailors

Tonight my  hunt for links took me to Information and the article by By Larry Chin. Get ready for a long journey as this article has more links than a chain! Each one opens yet another door  into the complexity of the ongoing escalating crisis in Iran. The first link takes you to Information Liberation .com  where the trail begins. Click on each subsequent link in Larry Chin’s article to follow the trail. “ to attack Iran “ , “spring 2007” and “ fabricated pretext”  takes you to Global
Next we journey to Online Journal in “ongoing for months”.  where Larry Chin continues by showing us the tactics that are being used by the Bush Administration.
“and continuing to escalate” takes us to a members only site, sorry can’t log on, but don’t be dismayed, like I said Larry Chin’s article has more links than a chain, just keep going down the article and following where they lead. I promise you will not be disappointed in your search. Happy Hunting!

The Bush administration and its allies (notably the UK and Israel governments) have been planning to attack Iran as early as spring 2007. It is not surprising that yet another fabricated pretext is being used to set it up.

Were the 15 British sailors who were captured and detained by Iran involved in a criminal espionage operation, in Iranian waters, in the process of setting up a Gulf of Tonkin-style pretext for war? Or were they captured by Iranian forces in Iraqi waters (as claimed by London), as a defensive political maneuver, in response to American and British covert provocations that have been ongoing for months, and continuing to escalate?


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