US military strike on Iran seen by April ’07

The report, written by Arab Times’ Editor-in-chief Ahmed al-Jarallah

This particular headline is showing up in a number of newspapers and news blogger sites and after much thought I begin to wonder if in fact this is not a dis-information campaign meant to keep many ( including Iran ) guessing as to what the U.S. intentions really are.

Lets examine this for a moment. First off I do not believe that a powerful nation with all sorts of sophisticated war technology would announce to anyone let alone newspapers that they were even planning such an attack.

Such information would be highly classified and would be known to only a handful. The fact that it is coming from the editor-in-chief of the Arab Times makes me wonder to the point that I tried to access the Arab Times only to be confronted ( for the first time ever ) with an Engine error ‘80004005’. Try as I would I could not gain access to the Arab Times to see this report from “reliable sources”.

KUWAIT CITY: Washington will launch a military strike on Iran before April 2007, say sources. My question is Who are these sources and how is it that an editor-in-chief of the Arab Times has this information? Has anyone given this matter a little thought? If the U.S. were planning an attack against Iran would they publicize the matter in the newspapers? On the Internet? Does this not seem strange to anybody. If you ask m this whole thing seems more like some elaborate dis-information campaign. There is something odd about that Arab Times report in case you did not catch it. You will notice the mention of April. Was there not a report about Tony Blair supposedly leaving office in April? Isn’t it odd that it just so happens that those 15 British Sailors were caught by Iran at the end of March ? It makes one wonder as to the true reason for their presence in that region. Many have speculated that this might have been the excuse Washington was waiting for to engage in an attack on Iran. There are many others who contend that the whole thing might have been orchestrated ( between Britain and the U.S. ). Now if that was the case then how is it that Britain got the 15 sailors back through diplomacy? Could it be the Brits got cold-feet at the last moment not wanting to be accused of starting WW III? Could it be the Brits were more sensible and don’t have the “ hots “ for Iranian oil as does the Bush and Cheney gang? We here a lot of talk about the nuclear ambitions of Iran but I am highly doubtful that this is REALLY what the Bush and Cheney Gang are thinking of.  I think that everybody should hit the pause button for a few minutes and look around at the web of news that has surfaced in the past month in particularly that the Trilateral Commission & Bilderburgers just recently had another of their closed door meetings. All informed people know that when these two groups meet something happens! Is it coincidence that these things are taking place at this time?
Another interesting point is this: How is it that the article in the Arab Times was so rich in details? From what I read ( from what I was able to access at ) it sounded like someone babbled his or her fool head off in Washington. Now if that is truly the case then that individual should be stripped of his or her security clearance! Think of it! An imminent attack plan which would surely be of the highest national security being babbled away and nobody is accuse or arrested! If you ask me it is more like one of those “ famous” deliberate information leaks meant to misinform.   Remember what I said earlier, I could not access the Arab Times to see the report for myself and verify what has been published and we ARE in the information age where virtually anything can be found on the NET. This is something that would surely have been considered by the propaganda division of any intelligence agency full well knowing that such information would spread like wild fire across the net. There is a report that the U.S. President is to give a speech later this month  where ‘evidence’ and the ‘justification’ for an attack will be provided. It’s interesting to know that the Arabs have this information before the American people do and that we have to get via the Arab Times!

That Washington, more specifically Bush and Cheney have plans on invading Iran for their own reasons is no secret. They are hell bent on going into yet another war regardless of what the American people think or say. That this information should come out when it did and from the source that it came from makes me wonder and ask thousands of questions. Everything that I have brought up in this post today is meant more to provoke questions than provide answers. The answers may or may not be out there. Here are a couple of links that will take you to the Arab article and beyond.
This is the report on Global
This is the report on Yahoo India
And this is what is on Alternet:
I hope somebody finds answers to this ongoing prelude to WW III.



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  1. Munaeem Says:

    Some people say that Iran and US are working in collaboration. Before US attacked Afghanistan they held secret meetings with Iranians in Switzerland. Iranians also helped US in Iraq.

    Please add me in your blogroll.

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