My hunts continue to be fruitful in the search for those links that are a MUST SEE. When I read the article at On Line Journal I could not believe my eyes especially this being Holy week.
Just think of this: You see a hungry person that you can tell is in desperate need of food. You go and get food for this individual and all of a sudden a Policeman arrest you on charges of feeding the hungry! Mogidishu, Darfar, Manila you might think.
Well guess again! Orlando, Florida U.S. of A .

Don’t believe me? Go to Online Journal and see the article for yourself. 21 year old Eric Montañez was arrested on Sunday for doing just that, FEEDING THE HUNGRY.
I would love to know who was responsible for passing a law that makes it illegal to feed hungry people! Who ever it was had better watch out, elections are right around the corner and guess who is not going to be voted back in! At last count there was something like 414 Billion that has been spent on the war and Orlando passed a law making it illegal to feed the hungry! Here are a few pieces of information for those that are seeking it:

The current Governor of Florida is Republican Charlie Crist
The current Mayor of Orlando is Buddy Dyer and I understand he is running for re-election!

Orlando Weekly- Events Calendar-Event Item
Mayor Dyer Re-election Reception (Events) Thursday, May 3 at 5:30 pm-7 pm Fundraiser to aid Buddy Dyer’s 2008 campaign Event Phone 407-648-7060 …

For the full article about the Food Not Bombs plight click here:
Online Journal .com
Again I must say that I could not believe my eyes when I saw this article!


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