Kuwait Reviews Readiness for Possible US-Iran War

Thursday 10/5/2007
Sources: Arab Times Online, Daily Star, Global Security.Org.

Kuwait reviews war readiness /MPs tune to war time mood

 It would seem that the latest news out of Kuwait deals with preparations for possible confrontation between U.S. and Iran. Kuwait has learned its lesson from the Iraq invasion and they are not taking any chances. “We have briefed MPs with all the preparations we have taken for any future emergency or catastrophe,” Sheikh Jaber said in a statement

“A possible confrontation between Iran and the US won’t be an ordinary war, considering Iran’s possession of nuclear weapons,” said lawmakers.
MP Jamal Al Omar indicated that the government is required to be ready on all levels for any contingency, stressing that it should learn from past mistakes.
Asked about the recent military maneuvers in the Gulf waters, Al Deqbasi noted that there are three US American Aircraft carriers in the region and that they could be present in the Gulf water as a mean to deter Iran from taking any unexpected step or to strike Iran.

Meanwhile, a source said that Kuwait to some extend is ready for any nuclear radiation in case Iran decides to utilize its nuclear power in case of a war in the region, adding that the government theoretically is ready to deal with any unexpected terrorist attacks against its vital installations or other sensitive locations.
US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said on Tuesday that US President George W. Bush will keep a military option on the table as he seeks a diplomatic solution to the standoff with Iran over its nuclear plans.

Global Security.Org: Target Iran – Air Strikes
One potential military option that would be available to the United States includes the use of air strikes on Iranian weapons of mass destruction and missile facilities.
In all, there are perhaps two dozen suspected nuclear facilities in Iran. The 1000-megawatt nuclear plant Bushehr would likely be the target of such strikes. According to the Nonproliferation Policy Education Center, the spent fuel from this facility would be capable of producing 50 to 75 bombs. Also, the suspected nuclear facilities at Natanz and Arak will likely be targets of an air attack.



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