Halliburton Company Subsidiaries

For all those Halliburton fans who love tracking their many activities and doing’s here is a list to make your mouth water. I got it at Source Watch .Org This is a list of all of their subsidiaries. There is a treasure trove of information at Source Watch .Org  just follow the link.  Here is the link to the actual Halliburton Website
Halliburton Company Subsidiaries

  • Baroid
  • Bentonite
  • Bredero-Price Coaters Ltd
  • CNOOC-Otis Well Comp Serv Ltd
  • Devonport Management Limited
  • European Marine Contractors
  • Falcon AFB Contract Management Logistics Inc
  • Goddard SFC JOC
  • Granherne Pty Limited
  • Halliburton Australia
  • Halliburton Canada Inc
  • Halliburton Energy Services
  • Halliburton Far East Pte Ltd
  • Halliburton KBR Production Services
  • Halliburton Worldwide Ltd
  • Hellenic Shipyards
  • Kellogg Brown and Root (KBR)
  • Landmark Graphics Geographix Inc
  • Marine Limited
  • Metro Fast Track II
  • Monopumps
  • Mono Pumps Australia
  • Numar Corporation
  • Paragon Engineering Svcs Inc
  • Promzona 40, UPTOK Usinskstroi
  • P.T. Halliburton Indonesia
  • Seaforth Maritime Limited
  • Security DBS
  • Security International
  • Servicios Halliburton de Venezuela SA
  • Sperry-Sun
  • Wellstream North Sea
  • Wellstream Inc

Source: Halliburton profile, Cooperative Research. Also see Wikipedia

Note: The Halliburton profile page no longer exist. Tried following it but got a 404 error ( I wonder why?).


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