Iranian Leader Threatens Retaliation

It would seem that Vice President Dick Cheney has made some comments that brought about a tough response from Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Cheney commented that Washington would prevent the Islamic republic from dominating the Middle East. As one can imagine this did not sit well with the Gulf Arab nations. In fact I would not be wrong in saying it got them down-right nervous! Bear in mind some of those people are allied with the U.S. and in case no one has heard the latest report states that drivers across the nation now pay on average $3.10 a gallon for regular unleaded gasoline, according to the U.S. government’s Energy Information Administration

Just to check things out I went to the Arab Times Online English to see what they were saying and this is an excerpt: “The world community should consider in all its … decisions the interests of all regional countries and their people to ensure their security, peace and continued development,” UAE’s official WAM news agency quoted Sheikh Khalifah as saying. It did not elaborate.

Well, I did my part and got the links. It’s up to the people now to figure out what the hell is going on! Here is the link to the ABC News report. Here is the link to the Arab Times. And Here is a link to another report that should make some people think.


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One Response to “Iranian Leader Threatens Retaliation”

  1. hydralisk Says:

    The outward behavior of everyone involved is beyond predictable. Washington will sound tough, Ahmadinejad will sound tough, various Arab states will issue nice warm statements that ultimately don’t mean a damn thing, and business resumes as normal. (read: Iran continues work on its nukes)

    I’m waiting for something serious to happen between Iran and the Western world but I don’t expect it will be anytime soon. The Ayatollahs actually do prefer stability; gives them time to construct a winning position. In fact, I’ve heard from one source that Ahmadinejad is really too inflammatory for Khamenei’s tastes and will not likely be allowed to “serve another term”.

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