The Missing 4 Minutes / Blocked by Republicans

Today I was off to where I found a follow-up to the video “ Iraq for Sale”. I found something there that dealt with the testimony of Robert Greenwald that I had pointed out on a previous post. This is a MUST SEE CLIP. Below are a few comments posted at Truthdig regarding this 4 minute video. Click on below to see the article and video.


Posted on May 10, 2007

‘Legal Stealing’

This is the four-minute highlight reel from “Iraq for Sale” that documentarian Robert Greenwald wanted to screen for Congress as part of his testimony. Republicans blocked him from doing so. If you haven’t been following the outrageous war profiteering going on in Iraq—like many of our elected officials—this is a must-see clip.

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These are just a few of the comments at Truthdig.

#69586 by Ernest Canning on 5/12 at 2:13 pm
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The Republicans did not want this video aired because it exposes the lie beneath the entire privatization scheme–the idea that privatization means efficiency–an extension of social Darwinist/laissez faire mythology. The gap between laissez faire myth and reality is as stark as the growing gap between the present wealthiest one percent of America where, by 1999, the net worth of just three individuals, Bill Gates, Paul Allen & Warren Buffet was larger than the gross domestic product of the world’s 41 poorest nations and their 550 million people.
A 9/27/05 L.A. times editorial, “When Connected Turns Into Corrupted,” by Robert Scheer reveals why his former employers sought to silence him. “Crony capitalism is the name of the Republican game. Their slogan is ‘take care of your friends and leave the risks of the free market to the suckers.’”
The corruption exposed by Robert Greenwald’s documentary is the direct result of a privatization scheme began by Dick Cheney when he was secretary of defense–one in which Cheney’s Pentagon paid KBR $9 million to conduct a study to determine whether the military support function should be privatized. The KBR study said it was a great idea, so the Pentagon handed it the first LOGCAP contract. As noted by Antonia Juhasz in “The Bush Agenda,” in 1997, with Cheney as its CEO, Halliburton lost its LOGCAP contract “due to fraudulent billing practices in Bosnia. But in 2001, under Vice President Cheney, KBR got the contract back just in time for the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq.”
The notion that the greater than $100 billion Iraq supplemental is needed to “support the troops” is a bald-faced lie. Most of that taxpayer money will find its way into the corporate coffers of the private contractors.
It has been a matter of hard-right theology that government should operate more like a corporation. Jim Hightower retort, in “Thieves in High Places,” is classic: “No corporation is a model for how government should operate. Corprations are rigid, top down, autocratic heirarchies in which executive actions are delivered as fiats to be implimented unquestioningly…. Corporations are towers of secrecy, in which all information is considered a propriety asset to be doled out only in approved snippets…keeping as much as possible from employees, investors, customers, auditors, regulators, lawmakers.”
In “Failed States,” Noam Chomsky observes that in “structure, the political counterpart to a corporation is a totalitarian state”–a disturbing thought in light of Antonia Juhasz’s observation that corporations have, as a result of neoliberal policies, “supplanted governments as the dominant economic force in the world.”

#69376 by don knutsen on 5/11 at 10:06 am
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We should all be asking ourselves why this isn’t being shown on the major networks ? Who is preventing everyone seeing this, who stands to gain. The fact that the vice president ( Cheney ) is taking his piece of the profit / graft shown in this video is a testiment to how terribly broken our political system is now. That it has been going on for 5 years, and continues still, says alot about all three branches of our goverment…or should I say what used to be three individual branches….thanks to the republicans who had been in control of congress since Knute Ginrich in ‘94 this administration has successfully turned all three into Karl Rove’s fantasy camp. Are the professional politicians going to one day have an epiphamy and realize they need to deal with this in time ? Or perhaps is it time for real civil disobedience. Perhaps its time for the american people to bring this to a hault by refusing to pay taxes that fund this madness. Drag bu$h, Cheney and the rest out of the white house in handcuffs and indict them as the traitors they most certainly are to our democracy. Establish a temporary goverment leadership in a number of individuals, indict these traitors, and hold new elections…..

#69198 by louis stroud on 5/10 at 1:12 pm
(Unregistered commenter)
WOW!!!! so many people in so many articles, just can’t be wrong, i’ve been around 70 years and a liar is easy to spot, so how the hell did so many get put together in the executive branch? i think i could sit down and writea biography on those guys one at a time and get it really close from their childhood, it is all too obvious what they are doing, how they are doing it, and where all the money is ging, i predict half of them will settle in dubai after it is all over, no one wants them in this country!, however there may not be much left of this country when they get it all given away to other countries, it makes me sick just thinking about all the sacrifice our forefathers have gone through and the young men and women over there now are going through, and the administration has no respect for our troops, if they cared this would not have happened, and it would surely have stopped after the elections over there, another lie. i just can’t go on, too much heartache!!


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