The New Middle East

by Richard N. Haas, President of the Council on Foreign Relations

May 24th, 2007

While on my usual hunting trips across the net I found a most sobering, intelligent, articulate and informative article by Richard N. Hass right here on WordPress! It is an article well worth reading for those who want to delve into Middle East Politics and get a better grasp of it in our current times.

The age of U.S. dominance in the Middle East has ended and a new era in the modern history of the region has begun. It will be shaped by new actors and new forces competing for influence, and to master it, Washington will have to rely more on diplomacy than on military might. More…

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One Response to “The New Middle East”

  1. David Ben-Hame Says:


    The correct link to this brillant article is this one:

    Best regards
    David Ben-Hame

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