Venezuelan Government Web Sites are Hacked Protesting RCTV Closing


The following was translated into English from the

Luis Francisco Indriago web site.

Go to that site for original article in Spanish


In the afternoon of June 1, 2007 various government web sites were discovered to have been “hacked” in protest over the closing of RCTV.
The hacked government web sites were:
At the moment of this writing the sites were still under “ Maintenance ”.



On one site the hacker identified himself as Aleck Borak, on another as Lutor and on the third as Söad.
It would appear that three distinct individuals acted in coordination as the attacks were different in each case.

According to the web site established by the hackers to announce their activities they had also taken action against
However this could not be verified since the site was still on the net and did not appear to have been tampered with.
Additionally a Spanish web site that specializes in Chess was also hacked to show an image against the closing of RCTV. The site had been hacked due to a minor vulnerability and had nothing to do with the Venezuelan government or RCTV.


The activities took place in the afternoon but by 08: 22 p.m.( Venezuelan time – 00:22 GMT ) the Defensoría del Pueblo had been attacked for a second time as reported by a chat room user. Other threats were made in the same chat room to the television station Venezolana de Televisión, and the Ministerio de Comunicaciones e Información.
By (10:37 p.m. / 02:37 GMT): three more sites had been hacked. They were:, , .
The hacker identified himself as  KX-T33.




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2 Responses to “Venezuelan Government Web Sites are Hacked Protesting RCTV Closing”

  1. Alvaro Says:

    One is still online:

  2. Maria Says:

    Mision Sucre Tachira Hacked :O

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