Students Request Authentic Freedom

Caracas, Junio 4 de 2007
Maria Eugenia Brandy
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For today Monday June 4 is summoned a march from the Plaza Brión de Chacaito to the Supreme Court of Justicia (TSJ). The concentration is scheduled for the 11 in the morning, various  student leaders informed from diverse universities of the capital city . On the matter, Alexis Cabrera, representative of the Simón University Bolivar (USB), explained that the long walk has as its aim “to present  a document where it ask that they pronounce themselves in favor of the freedom of expression, in favor of the freedom of protest and guaranteeing to the university young people, to all the Venezuelans, the fulfillment of their civil rights”.
On the other hand, Rayma Lopez, student of the Pedagogical Institute of Caracas, indicated that  the corresponding authorities had already  been given the pertinent notification. we demand that they protect us because we always go to a civic, pacific protest and demanding the freedom and the civic rights (…) of all the Venezuelan population .
Also, tomorrow, Tuesday June 5 there will be a concentration of students on a national level at 9 in the morning, for  a march that will leave from the seat of the Rectorado in the Central University of Venezuela (UCV) and will arrive at the Palace of the Academies, right in front of Asamblea Nacional (AN), indicated Jesús Hermoso, student of social communication of the UCV. It is important to indicate that Gabriel Gallo, student leader of the University Santa Maria (USM), rejected the declarations of pro-government spokesmen, who accused the young people of being manipulated by competing sectors. “I want to emphasis that we are not being manipulated by any political sector”. In this sense, he accepted the proposal to a debate made by the students who get along with president Chávez. He invited those who challenge them to go to their houses of studies to make the activity.


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