RCTV Now on Youtube!

RCTV now has it’s own broadcasting system, On Youtube! President Hugo Chaves may have taken their broadcasting license but he has not silenced them. Venezuelans can now go to El Observador Online
http://youtube.com/profile?user=elobservadorenlinea for the latest news from RCTV.
Rather than giving up, the station has turned to YouTube, where it now has its own channel for the show El Observador. El Observador clips have been seen 175,000 times since May 28, and the channel is currently the most-subscribed channel of the week.


Some readers are concerned that Chavez is getting a bad rap here; RCTV has been accused of supporting the earlier coup against him and of calling for the overthrow of the current government. It’s a complicated situation, but the fact remains that RCTV was a main opposition outlet and that its replacement is a state-run channel. Given Chavez’s long history of attacks on the press and his current ability to rule by decree, he doesn’t look like a man interested in a robust and critical press, though he has not instituted mass arrests or official censorship of journalists. Chavez’s concern for government stability and threats against the state are a recent development, too; Chavez participated in a coup attempt of his own back in 1992.


On another note access to information is limited all over Venezuela, as opposition leader is detained in Caracas
Oscar Perez, the political leader from the group called the “Comando de la Resistencia” who organized the protests last weekend against the shutdown of RCTV has been detained. He had nothing to do with the demonstrations this week but had been the most visible opposition leader in the last few months, organizing all protests related to the shutdown of RCTV. He ha yet to be charged with anything as 40 cops detained him and his sisters and took him to the National Guards Headquarters.

Sites to view for more info:
http://youtube.com/profile?user=elobservadorenlinea El Observador
http://www.zonalibre.org/blog/marcel/archives/103360.html Zona Libre.org
http://www.caracasradiotv.com/ Caracas Radio TV.com
http://blogs.salon.com/ Salon.com


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