Hunterseeker Speaks

Welcome. Today there are no links to other sites. Today there are no articles from the New York Times or The Boston Herald. Today there are no connections to CounterPunch or Alternet. Forget Associated Press and Reuters. Today I speak.

For months I have watched the world go across my desktop and have heard the babble of politicians and merchants. I have heard the babble of Republicans and Democrats. I have heard from all quarters of all society, from the most high to the lowliest of the rung. Here is what I have to say!

For the most part the majority of the people in the U.S. voice opinions against the war, yet the war goes on.
So far over 3,500+ young men and women have died in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and now some politician wants to invade Iran as well!

For the most part the majority of the people in the U.S. express sympathy about Darfar, though the serach engines refer to it as Darfur, yet the people there keep dying! Not only there but in many places across Africa, the Middle East, the Far East, South America, Central America, etc., etc.

For months I have watched bloggers attempt to predict the next war in Iran and what the maneuvers would be. Well! Here is my input on all this.

As for the war in Iraq it will continue until the merchants have stuffed their bank accounts to the brim and beware if it does not go beyond that. The war in Iraq has nothing whatsoever to do with democracy, which in essence is nothing more than an excuse to be there in the  first place. The only reason the U.S. is there is for OIL period and residual profits from that field! Just think of this, so far the tally has gone somewhere beyond $400,000,000.00 not counting the 3,500+ lives lost there already and the 3,500+ families who have been affected as well. I have not even touched on the wounded and walking wounded! I have no idea as to that tally but I imagine it is very high. Now I dare any economist to figure out what the net profit is when you have an expenditure of $400,000,000.00+ as of this writing! Just think of it, this is a war for OIL and nothing else. Ask any history professor and he will tell you of the on-going war there has been in this region since the British first invaded it. Check out all the documentaries and public records that are available for research.

As for the sympathy for Darfar, check out the workings of any charity organization and you will discover that at least 50% if not more goes to the charity in question for operating cost! Think about that. You get a ton of people that donate 1 million dollars and the charity in question gets half of that right off the top! Don’t believe me, check it out. I am not even touching on what goes under the table! Again I dare any economist to really, I MEAN REALLY delve into this area and come up with the numbers. I will not even venture into the realm of religion! Any scientifically grounded professor of history will attest to the follies regarding this area! Again I call upon the economist to figure out that tally! It is all out there. You have only to search, and search with an open mind.

I can continue with an infinite variety of example but why bother. My years of experience has taught me that people don’t care! People are concerned with what’s on the table today! People are concerned with the balance in their bank account! People are concerned with, “ will I have a job tomorrow? “. In essence, people are concerned with themselves and the HELL with everybody else! This holds true for Bloggers as well. Their only concern is their blog stats, nothing else!

I will not go on any more. It’s depressing to say the least. The wars will go on regardless of what anyone says. The people in Darfar, or Darfur will continue to die as well as all those others in third world countries.

Tomorrow I will continue to provide you with the necessary links to continue on your search.  It’s all out there but many times I wonder  what’s the point! Right now people are more concerned with what’s happening with Paris Hilton than anything else. Think about that!


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