Iraq Veterans Against The War

I came across this organization while on one of my many hunts across the net and felt it belonged right here for all to learn about and possibly get involved with. This next line is right out of Operation First Casualty – Santa Monica, CA a video at Youtube.

The First Casualty of War is The Truth


The US Marine Corps is at it again trying to “silence the free speech and assault the First Amendment rights” of veterans according to Sergeant Liam Madden. Liam, an IVAW member and Appeal for Redress co-founder held a press conference yesterday in Boston, MA announcing that the Marine Corps is investigating him for “unauthorized wear of the military uniform and disloyal statement.” Liam wore a part of his uniform during Operation First Casualty in March. In February, he said that “[President Bush] has betrayed U.S. service members by committing them to a war crime.”



In a recent separation hearing in Kansas City, MO against IVAW member Adam Kokesh,
a Marine Corps panel, as well as the prosecution’s key witness, Major Whyte, agreed that the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) does not apply to members of the Individual Ready Reserve (IRR), of which Liam is a member. If Madden is found guilty of the charges, his “honorable” discharge status will be changed to “other than honorable” which will result in the loss of all military entitlements including healthcare and Montgomery GI Bill funding.
To sign a petition in support of Liam, click here




Operation First Casualty – Santa Monica, CA



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