RCTV A White Supremacist Channel/Richard Gott in Caracas

Mein Gott!

Guardian columnist Richard Gott has the balls to say what others haven’t on the RCTV flap: this is a class, race and power controversy more than anything else. Money Quote:

RCTV was not just a politically reactionary organisation which supported the 2002 coup attempt against a democratically elected government – it was also a white supremacist channel.
Clap clap clap clap clap


The battle over the media is

about race as well as class

Richard Gott in Caracas
Thursday June 7, 2007
The Guardian

The protests in Venezuela are motivated by more than a TV station.

The oligarchy fears it is losing its right to run the country

 After 10 days of rival protests in the streets of Caracas, memories have been revived of earlier attempts to overthrow the Bolivarian revolution of Hugo Chávez, now in its ninth year. Street demonstrations, culminating in an attempted coup in 2002 and a prolonged lock-out at the national oil industry, once seemed the last resort of an opposition unable to make headway at the polls. Yet the current unrest is a feeble echo of those tumultuous events, and the political struggle takes place on a smaller canvas. Today’s battle is for the hearts and minds of a younger generation confused by the upheavals of an uncharted revolutionary process. More…


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