Iran moves closer to making a nuclear bomb

 Here are some interesting links at with articles and a Blog from Iran by Richard Holt.

By David Blair, Diplomatic Correspondent
Last Updated: 2:52am BST 23/06/2007

Iran claimed today to have stockpiled 100kg of enriched uranium, enough in theory to create two nuclear bombs of the kind that destroyed Hiroshima.


Richard Holt in Iran

Posted by Richard Holt on 30 May 2007  at 17:05
Tags: Human rights, Arrest, Iran, Teheran
A couple of days ago I said how, despite the regime in Iran, a foreigner is not at any risk.
It is in this blithe belief that, on my last night in the country, I find myself in a car with one Iranian guy and two Iranian girls.
This is forbidden – being out with members of the opposite sex who aren’t family.


Foreign Blogs  @


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