Venezuela, The Next War?

July 2, 2007

Lately I have begun to look into the situation that has been developing in Venezuela and oddly enough it reminds me of the Cuban Missile Crisis of the Kennedy Era.

President Hugo Chaves seems to have been striking all sorts of deals across the world with Russia, Belarus, and Iran. The best known is his deal for 9 Russian submarines, 5 Project 636 diesel submarines, and 4 Project 637 Amur submarines not to mention the various fighter jets and helicopters and 100,000 AK 103 automatic rifles.

In Belarus Chavez is scheduled to sign 7 agreements including military-technical cooperation, trade and economic ties. He was also scheduled to have possible talks about an air defense system equipped with radar and anti-aircraft missiles.

As I write this commentary president Hugo Chavez has already met with Grand Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, in Iran. Both Venezuela and Iran are members of OPEC wherein the countries’ leaders share an anti-American stance.

All of this has been taking place prior to and during Vladimir Putins visit with President Bush in the family compound in Maine. None of this has met with any approval on the Hill and has strained U.S., Russian relations.

A lesser known bit of news, though it is out there on the net especially within oil industry reports and journals is Russian gas giant Gazprom signing of a $US 23 BLN contract with its Brazilian and Venezuelan counterparts to build a 10,000 km pipeline, set to be the largest oil project in the region. Venezuela – home of the Orinoco belt – holds the world’s largest oil reserves ( see note below ) , and has become one of Russia’s main energy partners in South America. All this after ConocoPhillips & Exxon Mobil Corp. were forced to leave and there are many in the U.S. that openly say that Venezuelan oil assets in the U.S. should be frozen or taken over.

As can be seen all of this is reminiscent of the Cuban Missile Crisis of the Kennedy Era. There we were on the brink of nuclear war and the situation was very similar. Let us not forget the current crisis of U.S. deployed missiles in Eastern Europe which is being protested by Russia.

I ask myself, where is all this leading? Apart from the current wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the possible war with Iran will Venezuela be next on the list?
I must say that this all points to a sad state of world affairs in our current times with tensions constantly being stretched to breaking both in the U.S. and abroad.


After some research the statement of Venezuela being the worlds  largest oil reserve was found not to be correct. This information had been obtained from the Russia Today article on Chaves’ trip to Russia.  Upon researching the statement I discovered the error and was able to obtain the correct information at:

Info ( )

Venezuela actually ranks 7th.  The worlds  largest oil reserve is in fact in Saudi Arabia followed by Canada, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, United Arab Emirate and Venezuela.


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One Response to “Venezuela, The Next War?”

  1. Steve Saunders Says:

    We will in turn combine countries with Mexico and Canada gaining the oil reserves in Canada and achieving the pipeline through Mexico to Venezuela. It’s all World Domination.

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