The Photos Washington Doesn’t Want You To See


Apart from the obvious Bullets and Bombs What Chemical Agents are our Boys being exposed to in Iraq and Afghanistan? Let us not forget Vietnam:

Extremely Graphic Video on Effects of Agent Orange


A Constitutional Duty: IMPEACH IN 2007 (Seymour Hersh)

Links to Graphic War Images and Videos


DU (Depleted Uranium)



“Unborn children of the region [are] being asked to pay the highest price, the integrity of their DNA.”
“Soldiers may be incidentally exposed to DU from dust and smoke on the battlefield. The Army Surgeon General has determined that it is unlikely that these soldiers will receive a significant internal DU exposure. Medical follow-up is not warranted for soldiers who experience incidental exposure from dust or smoke. […] Since DU weapons are openly available on the world arms market, DU weapons will be used in future conflicts. The number of DU patients on future battlefields probably will be significantly higher because other countries will use systems containing DU. […] DU is a low-level radioactive waste, and, therefore, must be disposed of in a licensed repository. […] No international law, treaty, regulation, or custom requires the United States to remediate the Persian Gulf war battlefields.”

GRAPHIC IRAQ WAR: U.S. Soldier Confessions – THE TRUTH



Iraq War Casualty Pictures


IRAQ WAR FOOTAGE warning contains graphic footage

Graphic IRAQ war video Search Engine

Graphic Afghanistan War Videos

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  1. Whitdog Says:

    so much for free thinking! You’re just lamenting the same crap your college professor talked about in some political science class. Get a Life!!But I guess smoking weed and snorting coke is perfectly ok? There are more people killed in gang wars due to drugs violence in 1 year compared to 6 years in the war on terror. What about the war right here at home? I’d like to see you walk down Compton Blv in Los Angles at any time of the day and see if you don’t get the holy shit kicked out of you, or even worse…shot because you don’t belong. Try doing a video on the S. American Drug Cartels and how many innocent people they kill a year, not included the life they destroy with there poison!! Will you be shocked? Probably not…So much for Free Thinking…Kook.

  2. hunterseeker Says:

    I ask myself what brought you to this page? Maybe a morbid fascination with the un-sanitized version of war, or a need to see what goes on beyond the range of the public eye.
    Could it be you are one of those Gung Ho types that gets his kicks from looking at photos of the carnage soldiers commit in the war zones then rant and rave when these acts are made public and criticized by level headed citizens. I noticed you are not far from the San Luis Obispo Military Reservation! Interesting!
    Well I am not going to get into any anti-war dispute with you since obviously you are Pro War. You might want to look at this article:
    Army vet billed $3,000 for war wounds
    By Wayne Drash CNN
    And there are many, many more far more disturbing. Have you ever noticed that during wars they never show photos of the horrendous wounds suffered by American soldiers. Wounds so horrible these soldiers are kept out of the public eye!
    In every war there has always been 4 sides; Pro War, Anti-War, Neutral, and the innocent. We just happen to be polar opposites of the first two. So saying it makes no difference what you or I say ( or call each other ) as it will not change that fact one iota! Neither will it end wars. Unfortunately wars are and have always been for the most part Merchant ventures for the acquisition of something be it land, natural resources, human resources, wealth, etc., etc. When they are over the opposing sides kiss and make up and hop in bed again except for those killed. How wasteful!
    As for the gangs you are right, there’re probably more people killed each year by their violence than in the war, but that’s another story which deals with the roots of gangs and the social causes for their existence.
    Have a nice day out there in California.
    P.S. You will note I did not delete your comment.

    • Matt Says:

      I agree with you to a point, the war in iraq is a waste of our soldiers, it is like Vietnam there fighting an unseen enemy who can blend in the crowed in seconds, i get so tired of hearing about young soldiers dying from IED bombs while there in there Humvee, my four great uncles were in WW2 and were fighting for the freedom of millions of people all over Europe, i have read a lot of world war 2 books and watched a lot of documentaries on it and a lot of the soliders didi not know what they were fighting for until they saw the Nazi death camps. when war is ran by politicians nothing gets done, Now i belive very strongly that there was a point were the war in iraq was a good thing, because many terrorist would pass through Iraq safely and do what they do. but there was a time when war was a necessary thing like WW2, trying to bring peace to Afghanistan and Iraq is a waste of money and most importanty young soldiers, its not war when American troops are blown up by a enemy unit 20 miles away. war is up close and personal facing your enemy. now im not pro war but like i said i support those US solders who do what they have to do. I would rather learn about WW2 then any other war in the last 80 years or so, pardon some of the misspelling i don’t have the best grammar, i hope you reply.

      • hunterseeker Says:

        OK Matt, you must bear in mind that all wars are for the most part power struggles and merchant ventures. The politicians that are involved are concerned with their investments, let us not forget Colt industries during the Vietnam War. As for Iraq and Afghanistan we have Oil and drugs. I guarantee you the merchants are making a bundle in both of these places. The merchant could care less who is winning or losing, or who is dying. Their only interest is the all mighty buck and the same holds true for most politicians. You might be right as to WW2. There was a humanitarian issue involving millions. But the same can be said about Africa where there is a humanitarian crisis that has been going on for years and nothing is being done about it ( except the band aid treatment).
        I could keep on but I am pressed for time right now. Maybe on another occasion.
        P.S. I corrected the spelling

  3. Mad Mikewitter!!! Says:

    Tell me Hunterseeker? Do you agree that the bush administration is one of the biggest terrorist groops on the face of the earth?

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