Faces Of Grief

This morning I checked out a blog which I found to be profound , moving and disturbing. It is in essence a testimonial of the effects of war on a people. It shows the day by day predicament of
the common folk of Iraq trying to live their lives in the midst of war. It shows the pain, the hurt, the mistrust and most of all the Grief. Faces Of Grief ( http://facesofgrief.blogspot.com/  ) is a most moving blog. Here are the photos you wont see in your local newspaper. These are not sanitized, filtered and screened shots that you see which in fact hide the true face of war. This is gut wrenching stuff showing the tragedy of war. This is a MUST SEE website even if you only view it once. I guaranty you it will not soon fade from your memory! Warning: some images are disturbing!




Faces Of Grief

This is a blog of pictures from the news. The pictures are of Iraqis, and they show the overwhelming grief that this US made war and occupation has brought to them and their country. May God help them.


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