Iran Amendment Passes 97-0 / WW III is Right Around the Corner Now!

I couldn’t believe it when I saw the news. It would seem that Bush will have his Iranian war after all!
Senator Lieberman had this to say of the Senate’s unanimous vote, confronting Iran:
“Today’s unanimous vote sends a strong, clear message from the entire Senate to the Iranians that we know what they are doing in Iraq, and they must stop…This is a warning to the Iranians that whatever differences divide us politically here in Washington, we stand united against these outrageous attacks.”

Afghanistan and Iraq have become a “ No Win “ situation and now those idiots on the Hill give “ War Lord Bush “ a blank check on Iran! What in Gods name are they thinking of? Are we to fight Three Wars now on three different fronts?

To all my Peace loving people all I can do right now is point you to the links of this Sad Insanity and let you judge for yourselves.

Levin-Lieberman Love Fest – One Step Closer to War on Iran

Iran Amendment Passes 97-0 

Are we Already at War?

U.S. Ties Iranians to Iraq Attack That Killed G.I.’s (NY Times)

Ulster on the Euphrates: The Anglo-American Dirty War in Iraq


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