Peru: Angry Farmers Burn Buses and Head for Town Municipality

It would seem that Venezuela is not the only one with problems these days in South America. Peru seems to have its hands full as well!

(LIP-ir) — Tension has greatly grown in south-eastern Andahuaylas, Peru after a confrontation between anti-riot police, Peru’s National Police and farmers left a man dead this afternoon.

Peru’s National Police Director, General David Rodriguez confirmed the death of farmer, Julián Jorge Altamirano Román after having been shot in a confrontation with police this afternoon. More…


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One Response to “Peru: Angry Farmers Burn Buses and Head for Town Municipality”

  1. Dale Albertson Says:

    Well that’s gonna solve the problem now, isn’t it??? When did they start shooting the farmers? Where are the Peruvian people gonna get their food? You know who suffers when you start raising arms against the farmer? Everyone but the farmer! He and his family will survive, and everyone else will suffer. The very essence of a nation is based upon its ability to feed its people. Perhaps it was the US who has channeled millions into Peru under various guises that sponsored this revolt. It’s like them to prey upon the poor and those who have no voice. Just look at their country. Don’t raise your voice there, you disappear into an endless prison system.
    See A Timeline of CIA Atrocities by Steve Kangas at

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