The Fossil Fuel Wars


For the longest time now I have been trying to figure out what the name of our next war will be. Yes, you heard me right, our next war! What is taking place right now is only the tip of the iceberg. The latest wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and most probably Iran are nothing in comparison to what is coming.

Let us concentrate on this point for one moment before going into the logic of the above statement. Peace is a most fleeting illusion. I have come to realize that the human condition is such that man cannot live without war. Many years ago a psychologist told me that the two principal instincts in man are sex and aggression. We are all adult enough to recognize the truth in the first, and if we were to do a bit of research into mans recorded history we will come to the realization that man has always been at war. Be it us, them or the other guy, man has always been at war somewhere on the planet.

He can’t help it, its mans nature. Peace is no more than a gossamer veil of illusion. The minute some imaginary line is crossed by the party of the second part, the party of the first part declares war.
Now let me return to the first paragraph. After much thought I finally came up with the appropriate name for our next war. I Christened it The Fossil Fuel Wars! Remember, you heard it here first! I searched the search engines and could not find any reference to that name.

As is currently the situation with our present wars which incidentally the various authorities still refuse to attribute to Oil, the fact of the matter is we are in fact at the very beginning of The Fossil Fuel Wars and don’t know it. According to the many graphs that I have been examining regarding the predicted date of depletion of the worlds oil reserves I was able to come up with a time period between 2000-2047. Caltech physicist David Goodstein once said Governments do not have the political will to prepare for the end of oil. “Civilization as we know it will come to an end sometime this century, when the fuel runs out,” Goodstein said, adding that “I certainly hope my prediction is wrong.”

Think about it. That statement comes from an article in Live Science December 2004, not that long ago! The material is all out there on the internet. It cannot be hidden, as much as the oil companies might not want this information getting out. M. King Hubbert had already made such predictions back in 1957! He said that oil production would reach its peak in the lower 48 states in the early 70’s and guess what? He was right!

In 2004 the U.S. was importing 60% of its oil. I imagine its much higher now!
For those interested in a look into the future ( the near future I might add ) here are today’s links:





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