Houston911truth Confronts Fred Thompson in Texas

July 25, 2007

This morning I happened upon an article that really caught my eye. I first spotted it on the CNN ticker but when I checked towards the end I noticed another link there. That lead me to the actual response by the “PROTESTER” herself at Houston911truth.org . I couldn’t find the woman’s name but she had an article there worth viewing as well as two videos.


The incident took place this morning at the Hobby Airport in an event opened to the public and local news media were there. It would be interesting to check out the local papers there to see what they wrote.

Here is the link to the CNN article
Here is the link to Houston 911truth.org


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One Response to “Houston911truth Confronts Fred Thompson in Texas”

  1. Rhymes With Right Says:

    Only partially true — it happened at a private plane terminal operated by a private company. It was therefore a private venue, and the Thompson people were therefore within their rights to attempt to ask her to leave (she rebuffed their attempts to do so) and then to ask the police providing security to remove her when she continued her attempt to disrupt the event.

    But then again, what do I know — I was only standing right next to her during her bizarre question and her later attempt to turn the focus on her out-of-contact-with-reality agenda
    Thanks for the correction Hunterseeker

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