Pentagon keeps eye on war videos

Here are the links to 2 articles I feel the people should read and come to some sort of conclusion as to what the people should see regarding War, the sanitized version shown by the networks or the real thing shown by the troops who were there?

I could understand the Pentagons concern for images that might be misleading but here is the problem, many people want to know and see for themselves what the “ True Face “ of war is and they will look for the means by which to view this material. Since the military itself is not forthcoming in providing this sort of material ( for obvious anti-recruitment reasons ) then the people ( and there are many, many of them ) will look for the means by which they can find this material on the internet.

In these modern times, try as they might, the government cannot hide the “ True Face ” of war. It is impossible. More so when the people look at the sanitized stuff the networks churned out and question and ask themselves
” This can’t be the real war, where are the true images, the real images?”.
The people will prevail!  If the military itself will not provide the images the people will seek them out on their own and then the Pentagon will have reason for concern since it will be hard to determine who shot the images or footage?
The current administration wants to avoid a sequel to Vietnam images that were broadcast all over the news. They know of the effect it had on the public and how it ultimately brought an end to that war. Well, as many will agree, this is a losing proposition. This is not the 1960’s . We are well into the Technological Era and people are far more sophisticated and computer oriented.
The only way to keep the people from seeing these images would be to ban the internet entirely, which in itself would create a war worse than the one being fought now.  Censorship? That would be as great if not a greater error than banning the internet. Just think of the uproar and the constitutional battles that would arise.
Well, I leave it with the people to ponder this issue.
Here are the links to the 2 articles I mentioned.

Pentagon keeps eye on war videos

Last Updated: Saturday, 29 July 2006, 02:25 GMT 03:25 UK
By Richard Allen Greene
BBC News, Washington

Iraq Uploaded: The War Network TV Won’t Show You, Shot By Soldiers And Posted Online

War as it really is, documented via hundreds of hours of viral video posted online.

Jul 20 2006 4:09 PM EDT
By Gil Kaufman, with reporting by Gideon Yago

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