“Giants and Dwarves”

Sometimes one wants to stop the world and get off. I am certain that many out there have felt like this many times. While going through my stats, email and research I was watching todays episode of Judging Amy and I heard this line and was so moved by it that I had to put it here  for everyone to see.

 “Giants and Dwarves”,

 A line from Judging Amy ( July 30,2007 1-2 p.m. ). It is not mine but when I heard it I had to write something with reference to it. I thought it was a brilliant description of the sort of world we live in. The “ Giants “ the establishment, The “ Dwarves “ the masses. But the Dwarves prevailed! At least in this episode by the use of technicalities, the favorite instrument of the “Giants”. There must be a lesson in this somewhere.


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