4 Tale’s Regarding Iraq

In my usual early morning hunt across the internet for links worthy of posting I came across a selection of 4 stories from Alternet that I strongly feel should be re-directed to the public. These are stories the mainstream media does not put on its front pages or even within its pages. No, you have to hunt in the local papers of small town America to find these or scour the net searching tons of web pages.
Well, here I have found 4 which I find to be very sobering. They touch on the horrors of war and what the effects are on those who are not killed in it and must live with its memories.
I chose these because lately I have noticed that mainstream TV has been on some sort of campaign to show films that glorify war or prey on our fears. Check your local listings and see if such movies as The Sum of all Fears, Siege, The Patriot, The Last Samurai, and Independence Day have shown up there as well as a bunch of others. It seems that we are being thrown back to the 1940-50’s when War movies were everywhere, for obvious reasons.
Think about it!       


Accustomed to Their Own Atrocities in Iraq,

U.S. Soldiers Have Become Murderers

By Chris Hedges, Adbusters. Posted July 27, 2007.

After four years of war, American Marines and soldiers have become socialized to atrocity. The war in Iraq is now primarily about murder. There is very little killing.
All troops, when they occupy and battle insurgent forces, as in Iraq, or Gaza or Vietnam, are placed in “atrocity producing situations.”

Iraq by the Numbers

By Tom Engelhardt, Tomdispatch.com. Posted June 28, 2007.

Americans are waiting for General David Petraeus to report to Congress in September on the “progress” of the President’s surge strategy. But there’s no reason to wait for September. Here’s a look at some telltale numbers that show the horror in Iraq.

Iraq Comes Home: Soldiers Share the Devastating Tales of War

By Emily DePrang, Texas Observer. Posted July 4, 2007.

Three veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan share the nightmare experiences that war has brought into their lives.
Editor’s Note: This powerful article was missed by a lot of readers last week, so we’re reposting it to get the attention it deserves.

The Uncounted Casualties of War

By Amy Goodman, King Features Syndicate. Posted August 1, 2007.

The parents of an Iraq veteran who committed suicide are suing the Department of Veterans Affairs for wrongful death and medical malpractice.

I had intended to put a video here from Military.com but there is no way of getting the embed URL  like at Youtube so the best I can do is provide you with the link. For some reason they have a commercial at the beginning ( which I don’t recall having seen the first time I saw it. So just wait for the commercial to end). The viewers will have to form their own conclusions regarding this video which so happens to be one of Military.com’s favorites.

Hostile Demise


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