Draft To Return?

Well it would seem that we are taking a step backwards to the 60’s with the latest announcement from the military honchos who are talking about re-instituting the draft!

It would seem that Americas young are heeding the warnings of the disenchanted public, war veterans and Anti-war groups and web sites regarding the 2 wars we are currently engaged in ( maybe a third on the way ) that the military has begun to think about bringing the draft back.  England is already making moves to pull out of Iraq and yet the current administration continues to push for more troops and war funding.

Well, the news is sad indeed. Now instead of possibility our young going off to war we have to confront the fact that they may instead go off to foreign countries to avoid the draft as took place during the 60’s during the Vietnam War. The sad part is now, like then, it will be the poor, ethnic Americans who will fall prey to the draft system. Well, here is todays link, read it and weep:

US military draft ‘should be considered’


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    […] Well here is the link to the sad news:  https://hunterseeker.wordpress.com/2007/08/11/draft-to-return/ […]

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