For All WordPress Bloggers


Like in all things we sometimes forget our basics when confronting a problem. Today I was faced with that and I followed my own rule of going back to the basics, in this case it meant scrolling down the page on my blog stats, our favorite part, and clicking on “ Read WordPress Documentation “. I was immediately overwhelmed at the volume of information located there that aided me in my search to solve a problem.
Like I said, we sometimes forget out basics when confronting problems and the answer is usually right in front of us.
I hope this helps others.
Have a nice day! And May The Force be with you!



One Response to “For All WordPress Bloggers”

  1. sulz Says:

    indeed, help is available if we take the time and initiative to seek for it. when all else fails, the forums has volunteers to assist you in your blogging problems. 🙂

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