Why do we blog?

Got up real early, 11:30 p.m. yesterday, and realized I was running out of cigarettes and had a half dozen more hours before the crack of another Caribbean dawn. Well, too late, local stores around here shut early. I began wondering about my blog and why I bothered with it. Surely there are divisions of bloggers scouring the net at this very moment in an effort to beat everyone else to the latest nightmare taking place on the planet. Yesterday I could not find a copy of the Iranian Presidents remarks at Columbia University, today its being sold and given away on the net! I strongly believe its true what the psychologist say about the collective unconscious. No sooner I come up with an idea or angle I test it on the net and find out some native out in the far reaches of a jungle has already typed it into his keyboard, in a mud hut!
So I ask myself, “ why bother?”. As usual I turned to the keyboard and began typing in about a dozen variations of why do we blog? Sure enough the search engine came up with about a million pages, as usual, and as usual I started with the first ones. My search entries began with, psychology behind blogging, then
psychological reasons behind blogging, then I just simplified the whole thing and entered why do we blog?
Up came the screen with a larger list, 360,000,000 English pages and as usual I checked out the first one, which usually is the more relevant.
Up to this point , about 2 a.m. today, I had already been contemplating shutting down my various blogs. Why bother. There are others out there doing a far greater job at it than I. Besides all I do is provide a sort of clearing house for links where people could stop in and be on their way elsewhere to the real Meat and Potatoes of the issues at hand. You can tell by now that I have a real bad case of Bloggers Depression, Right? To make matters worse I ran out of cigarettes about 2 hours back so you got an idea as to my current condition!
Well I clicked onto “ Numero Uno “ of the 360,000,000 English pages, 359,000.000 to go after this one and began reading. The blog is Sandhill Trek ,Voice and Vision in Decision and the post, obviously,
Why do we blog?
Many interesting reasons were stated by many interesting individuals and my depressive mood changed slowly, for the better, as I read each. Then I reached an entry by Chris Locke and thought I was going to die of laughter. I decided to put the razor blades away for another day, though I should get new ones those are already rusty.
Slowly it dawned upon me that one of the principle reasons for blogging is an inherent need for self expression! Call it Ego, call it whatever you want but we all have this need to express ourselves to others even the most die hard introvert needs to express himself and has the need for an audience, even if it is just one person! And it is through this self expression that we come away with fulfillment and I learned that tonight, excuse me this morning. Because of the self expression of another human being, in this case Chris Locke via the Sandhill Trek blog on his post Why Do We Blog? I was brought back from the brink of Blogger Suicide ( Deleting the Blog ) with a better understanding of human nature and how it is that we must address our needs.
The planet is still a nightmare this morning, and soon I will be able to buy some smokes, dam these country stores!
For all my readers take a break from the madness and those horrid graphic war images and take a look at Chris Locke’s entry in Sandhill Trek: Why Do We Blog? And then check out Rage Boy .com . You won’t regret it!



Oh Yes, check back tomorrow, I may have some more of the worlds nightmares and chaos listed here for you to link to!


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  1. bepcheera Says:

    hmm… funny 🙂

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