Latest News From Myanmar

European Union members agree on tougher sanctions on Myanmar

October 4, 2007
IANS : European Union (EU) member states agreed Wednesday to impose new sanctions on the government of Myanmar while looking for ways to boost humanitarian aid to the country’s population. Read more… »

Japan demands answers for journalist’s death

October 4, 2007
Big News Network: Japan intends pressing murder charges against Burmese troops who shot dead a Japanese journalist during the pro-democracy protests. Under Japanese law, police can seek the prosecution of suspects when a Japanese national is the victim of a felony crime overseas. Read more… »

U.S. diplomat: Burma’s junta hunting protesters

October 4, 2007
Associated Press: Rangoon, Burma – Soldiers announced they were hunting pro-democracy protesters in Burma’s largest city Wednesday and the top U.S. diplomat in the country said she heard that military police were pulling people out of their homes during the night. Read more… »

Arakan protests continue despite threats from authorities

By admin | October 4, 2007
Democratic Voice of Burma: Over 10,000 people in the Arakan town of Man Aung staged another protest yesterday against the Burmese government’s harassment of demonstrators. Read more…>>


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