WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGE / Between 200-300 monks killed in crackdown


October 5, 2007

By Haaretz Staff and News Agencies : Sources in Burma’s opposition party NDL said Wednesday that, to date, between 200 and 300 monks have been killed in protests in a deadly crackdown on monks and civilians protesting steep price hikes and 45 years of brutal military rule.
The sources said some of the monks were buried alive, while the bodies of others were burned in an open area some 25 kilometers from the capital Rangun. According to the party sources, over 160 of its senior leaders have been arrested throughout the country. The party sources added that NDL intends to continue the protests in 10-15 days.
UN special envoy Ibrahim Gambari spent four days in Burma this week in an attempt to restore calm to the troubled region.
Gambari and the military junta’s reclusive leader Senior Gen. Than Shwe sat in the same room together Tuesday for more than an hour in the remote capital of Naypyitaw.
Neither side has released details of the meeting, although Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Jianchao issues a statement welcoming the meeting and calling it a “beneficial step.”

Gambari is expected to brief UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and the UN Security Council on Friday on the outcome of his trip.

Source: ABITSU – All Burma I.T Students’ Union

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6 Responses to “WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGE / Between 200-300 monks killed in crackdown”

  1. hellokt Says:

    shit man what happend?

  2. CKai Says:

    I’d have to say, I’m more then a bit sickened. “Evil Prevails as long as good men do nothing.” I believe that’s the perfect quote. Pussy ass UN sons of bitches. Fuck them, is all I can say. Why get included, or even talk about anything if you plan to do nothing? It’s like a small non-racist version of a Hitler attack.

  3. chris Says:


  4. PonFET Says:

    WTF, people always do the same shit to the ones that don’t deserve it…

  5. jay HINDU Says:

    we are very sad to know this, god bless the monks of burma…

  6. v s Says:

    This is like Jesus story happening again in real life!
    holy goodness, have people learned nothing?
    I don’t know what can be worst of sins than this..

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