Myanmar, where ‘traitors soon meet their tragic ends’

CNN editor’s note: An I-Reporter inside Myanmar shares experiences of what it’s like to live there. Because of safety concerns, has agreed not to identify the author. The views expressed here are those of the author alone.

YANGON, Myanmar — On the surface, Yangon appears almost normal since most of the military’s activities now take place under cover of a nighttime curfew away from the cameras. But what is normal — and what happens beyond normal? More…


Amnesty International Releases New Video and Audio Testimony of Myanmar ‘Witch Hunt’ and Brutal Repression

October 20, 2007

PR NEWSWIRE : “We have seen police asking money from families of detainees if they want their family members to be released. Young people who are on their way to offices and schools are not only stopped and checked but also robbed.” Testimony from prominent activist Mie Mie recorded shortly before her arrest on October 13.


Amnesty International today released new video and audio testimony of ongoing night raids, arbitrary arrests and appalling detention conditions in Myanmar as well as audio statements from two prominent activists shortly before their arrest last weekend.
The release of audio statements from inside Myanmar and filmed interviews with a number of Burmese people forced to flee to Thailand in the last few days comes after last weekend’s detention of six people. Prominent activists Htay Kywe, Mie Mie and Aung Thu, all members of the 1988 Generation Students group, were among the detained. More…

Note to editors:

All interviews were conducted on October 12 and 13 in Mae Sod, Thailand.

For copies of the transcript, audio CD and video tape of testimonies, please contact the AIUSA press office at 202-544-0200 ext. 232.

SOURCE Amnesty International


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