Buddhist monks march again in Myanmar

YANGON, Myanmar – More than 100 Buddhist monks marched in northern Myanmar for nearly an hour Wednesday, the first public demonstration since the government’s deadly crackdown last month on pro-democracy protesters, several monks said.


For video click here:  Video 3:33 min.

Former Notorious Druglord Khun Sa Dies


BANGKOK, Thailand (AP) — One-time drug warlord Khun Sa, variously described as among the world’s most wanted men and as a great liberation fighter, has died, an associate and a Myanmar official said Tuesday. He was 74.

Khuensai Jaiyen, a former secretary of Khun Sa who works with ethnic Shan minority guerrilla groups, said that his former boss died in the Myanmar capital of Yangon on Friday, according to his relatives. More…


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3 Responses to “Buddhist monks march again in Myanmar”

  1. for the people of myanmar Says:

    We really appreciate the courage of the Monk who ask necessary things for the people need. They just demand for the people who affarid to speak out. Don’t ask me why…. Everybody know…

  2. my idea Says:

    The root cause of the demonstration is, people earn less money, donation made to the monk got less, most of the people have to struggle for the daily life. But some general are just neglect the situation and making a money for their own community.
    That’s a main reason…

  3. my idea Says:

    Most of the bad guys like Khun sa, Soe Win die who will be the next. I don’t need to expain., every body know,,, the god will punish him, sooner or later.

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