Torture is un-American

I just got this information from which I felt should be on this site so others may take action.

Dear Reader,
The United States has been disgraced by the practice of torture interrogation techniques in our military. It is time to take back our nation’s honor and let the Presidential candidates know that torture is unacceptable. Please join Human Rights First as they give you the opportunity to let the candidates know how you feel about the United States military’s use of torture.

Don Hazen
Executive Editor,

Dear Friend,

Ā Torture is un-American.
One year from today, we can elect a President who ‘gets it’ – and rejects it.
Thirty seconds from now, you can make a difference.
Sign the petition today!


I taught prisoner of war interrogation for 18 years to U.S. Army soldiers. Neither I nor the Army taught torture: it’s morally wrong, it endangers our own troops who may be taken prisoner, it undermines our values, and it does not produce reliable information.
I’ve listened to some of our current leaders say that we should use torture – what they call “enhanced” interrogation techniques – to combat terrorism. Abandoning our principles is never the answer. An expert interrogator needs to be clever, not inhumane.
Strong presidential leadership is needed to restore our nation’s stature in the eyes of the civilized world. This week, one year from the presidential election, I am adding my name to Human Rights First’s petition, urging all of the presidential candidates to restore our nation’s honor. You can do the same.
Take 30 seconds to put your name next to mine. Restore what America stands for: human rights and the rule of law.
This isn’t about being tough on terrorists. It’s about what’s in the strategic interest of the United States. Torture doesn’t produce reliable information but it does harden hearts and minds against us, and torture by any agency of our government puts our own troops at greater risk. It’s time to stop playing semantic games about what torture is.
If you’re like me, you want a President who is truly devoted to this country, its longstanding laws, and its fundamental values. A President who will:

  • Stop shipping prisoners to countries known to torture
  • Close Guantanamo
  • Restore the right of habeas corpus
  • Ensure that torture is never again a part of U.S. policy

Get on board – sign TODAY. This is not a partisan endeavor.
In one year, we could be celebrating the election of a leader who understands what’s at stake. But only if we demand it today! Thank you for joining me and Human Rights First as we end torture and abuse in America’s name.
Yours sincerely,
Brigadier General David R. Irvine, USA (Ret.)
Human Rights First is a nonpartisan, 501(c)(3), international human rights organization based in New York and Washington D.C. We do not favor or oppose any candidate for public office.


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