4,698 soldiers deserted this year

Yes its true, according to a report by Associated Press.

Associated Press  updated 12:41 p.m. ET, Fri., Nov. 16, 2007

Army desertion up 80 percent since Iraq war

WASHINGTON – Soldiers strained by six years at war are deserting their posts at the highest rate since 1980, with the number of Army deserters this year showing an 80 percent increase since the United States invaded Iraq in 2003. More…


And for a moving account of an AWOL soldier you must read the article by Sarah Olson at AntiWar.com.

When AWOL Is the Only Escape

A patriot’s story by Sarah Olson

James Circello sat on the edge of his bed staring at the floral pattern on a generic hotel comforter, contemplating what life would be like in prison. It was early August, and his parents had given him a one-way bus ticket to Lawton, Okla., and told him he was welcome home once he got his life together. U.S. Army Sergeant Circello had been AWOL since April, and with just a few dollars left in his wallet and a dying cell phone battery, he saw two options: turn himself in to military authorities at Ft. Sill, or get the next bus out of town and join hundreds of antiwar veterans convening in St. Louis, Mo. More…




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