The No Fly Issue

This evening I came across this issue regarding the No Fly List and decided to take a look at it. As usual I started with the Google search engine which gave me a listing of 1,790,000 English pages. That obviously would take a while so I decided on going over the first page which usually has the most relevant material.

After checking out several articles in  Common Dreams .org ,  Space,  Huffington Post .com,  I came to the realization that this in fact is a very scary issue. When I say scary I mean from the Big Brother standpoint of view. Right away flash backs from the McCarthy Era started coming up,  not to mention George Orwell’s novel Nineteen Eighty-Four.

Since I view these issues from a distance I can see why it is that many Americans, particularly ethnic Americans would find this issue not only alarming but detrimental to their very freedom of movement and freedom in itself.

Rather than go through any lengthy discourse on this I have provided the reader with selected links to articles that point out the dangers presented by this issue. Let us first take a look at what Wikipedia has to say:

The No Fly List has raised civil liberties concerns, due in part to the potential for ethnic, religious, economic, political or racial profiling and discrimination. Particular concern has been raised about the use of credit reports in calculating the risk score and that it would comply with all rights guaranteed by the First and Fourth Amendments.

Now here are the selected articles:

No-Fly Blacklist Snares Political Activists  by Alan Gathright

DHS Rolls Out No-Fly List Change But No Data Mining  by Shaun Waterman

Are You on the No Fly List, Too?  by James Moore

For a  more in-depth look here is the Google search engine page where you can go over the 1,790,000 English pages!

Very Scary Indeed! 


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