What Now Venezuela?

Like everyone else I woke up a little while ago to the final news from Venezuela that voters rejected constitutional reform. The Spanish links are here, here and here. Everyone will note that the margin was a very narrow one, roughly 1%. This makes me wonder as to what the people are really thinking. We are not talking a great majority here, just 1%. What does this tell us? According to these figures it would indicate that roughly one half of the country is in favor of their current system and the other half is not. That is of course if the votes actually represented the over 26 million inhabitants, which I strongly doubt. There are also Chavez’s own ominous word that there is a long battle ahead! This gives the impression that the Big Experiment in Socialism might not be over yet. He might have accept this vote publicly but what are his private thoughts? While I am no expert on Latin American affairs I am somewhat suspicious of that 1% that tipped the scale. How was it that this came about? Was there some outside intervention here as has been the case in other South American elections of the past? Did the votes actually represent the PEOPLE or the right wing, big business or foreign interest? The reports are that there was a low voter turn-out.

We will have to keep an eye on the on-going situation in Venezuela and see how things pan out from this point onward. The book has not been closed in this matter, we have merely  gone on to the next chapter!


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